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116-vetOur surgeries are performed by a licensed veterinarian (see About Us page to meet our Veterinarian). The price of surgery includes pain medications before and during surgery, antibiotics before and during surgery. Patients are fully anesthetized using safe, recommended, and contemporary protocols. Dogs are intubated with endotracheal tubes. All patients are monitored with a pulse oximeter and constant visual examination. Patients recover in our climate-controlled environment and are always within feet of our sight/reach. We follow the guidelines established by the Humane Alliance and the Spay and Neuter Task Force of the American Shelter Veterinary Association.

MUST HAVE AN APPOINTMENT FOR SURGERY. Please call 903-590-7722 or email

Check in for female dogs 8:30, male dogs 9:00, cats 9:15. Pick up time will be given at check in. Due to our mobile nature, we are NOT able to keep animals past the designated pick up time. A $20 late fee will be added if you are more than 30 minutes late for pick up. If we are unable to get in touch with you your pet will be transported back to Reklaw and arrangements must be made to pick them up during regular business hours at a location that is convenient for it staff.

  • Patients must be older than 8 weeks and/or 2 pounds.

  • Patients must be < 6 years old unless a "Against Medical Advisement" form is signed or pre-anesthetic bloodwork is performed.

  • Patients must be < 100 pounds OR be able to comfortably fit inside the mobile surgery unit cages.

  • If a female dog/cat has recently had a litter, the young must be weaned.

  • We require rabies vaccination within the last year. Please bring a rabies certificate to check in (a rabies tag is NOT sufficient) or we can vaccinate for $12 at surgery.

  • Pets should not have any food after midnight the night before.

  • We require that cats be brought in a hard sided carrier lined with something absorbent. Dogs need to be brought on a leash, or in your arms (for smaller pets).

All surgery prices include peri-operative pain medication, and antibiotics.

Female Dogs $75
Male Dogs $65
Female Cats $55
Male Cats $45
E-Collar $5 and Highly Recommended

Additional charges

Pre-Anesthetic bloodwork Basic $15 Comprehensive $50
In-Heat (Dogs only) $7
Pregnant $15-$25
Pyometra (includes antibiotics) $30
Umbilical hernia $20
Baby teeth extraction $5/tooth
Cryptorchid $20/testicle
Additional antibiotics $20
Additional pain meds $15 (3 days)
Flea treatment during sx $10
Dewclaw removal (for dogs) $20 (case by case)
DAPP + Lepto $20